Dodecahedron book report project

Dodecahedron book report project, Looking for an engaging book report that will have your students using their reading, writing, and art skills then this is the one for you this amazing 26 page book.

Book report dodecahedron project ©2012 by mrhughes copying of this page is prohibited p a g e | 2 you will need the following materials for this project. Dodecahedron book report november’s book project assignment: construct a 12-sided polyhedron with something about the book on each of the 12. Download presentation powerpoint slideshow about 'a dodecahedron book report' - butch an image/link below is provided (as is) to download presentation. Free dodecahedron book report idea~ template, photo of an example, project guidelines, and grade sheet are all available here, for free check out this idea, and lots. Final project rubric—dodecahedron 1 did the student complete a “focus on fiction” handout/questionnaire accurately 2. Book report dodecahedron project kit from created by mrhughes on teachersnotebookcom (26 pages.

This amazing 26 page book report project will have your students turn 12 circles they have completed with different assignments and projects into a geometrical wonder. 2012oct15 bailey dodecahedron book report the end bloom ball project by mahika 7:08 how to draw dodecahedron - the 5 platonic solids. Dodecahedron book report created by: project instructions: 1 rate the book with 1 to 5 stars 1 star indicates the lowest rating and 5.

Irubric: dodecahedron book project rubric preview dodecahedron book project bloom ball book report. Dodecahedron book project eq: how do i think critically about what i’ve read knowledge: write the title and author of your book in the circle 1. First let me share with everyone my extreme dislike of messy projects that turn into chat-fests and are an embarrassment to display as if any teachers.

  • Dodecahedron book project a dodecahedron is a 3d, 12 sided geometric shape directions: read a book that is on your reading level and create a report that will be.
  • Book report dodecahedron project wait this items is part of a bundle you can $ave looking for an engaging book report that will have your.

Created date: 4/29/2014 9:57:01 pm. Read 25 minutes tonight in your independent book last chance to bring mittens for our drive nov and dec dodecahedron book project file dodecahedron template. Right before christmas, i went looking for a book report project on teachers pay teachers i wanted something that would look really awesome to my students.

Dodecahedron book report project
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